the Questions to ask your local movers

the Questions to ask your local movers

We can all agree on the fact that moving is stressful. No matter the circumstances, and how well prepared you are, the whole process is everything but simple. Luckily for you, there are ways to ease the burden. Hiring local movers is one of the options. But… Preparing for an upcoming move is much more than finding local movers to help you out, you will have to prepare for that as well. You will have to create countless to-do lists, organize a lot of things, do some investigation, and much more.

The most important tips before you call any local movers is putting all of your wishes, needs, and requests on paper and making sure to ask your potential professional movers if they can help you out with that. Another thing is to prepare for the interview process. Oh yes, you’ve heard it right.

Once you start calling professional movers, you will have many questions, and they will be related to many different parts of the services. Preparing for it is crucial. That is why we have prepared the right questions that will help you avoid unnecessary charges, damages, and scams. However, we are aware that every move is individual, and it is natural if you have some questions to add or exclude from this list. Use this as a guide that should help you with finding the best professional movers around. 

Questions related to the price of the move

How do you create the price?

Whenever we are moving, we are trying to find affordable movers who will meet all of our needs and fulfill all of our wishes. That is why this will be the question that you are considering the most important. Don’t ask your local movers just for the price for a specific service, but how do they create that price. There is a difference because once you learn how do your professional movers create the price, you will know what affects it. This is how you won’t be surprised when you change something and the price changes. Local movers are usually charging hourly rates that are affected by the size of the move, complexity of the move, services that you want to add, stairs, long carries, etc. Learn more about the price and plan your moving budget accordingly. 

Are there any hidden charges?

Local movers can determine their price how they would like to, but they should be transparent about hidden fees and charges. To be confident there aren’t any, make sure to ask them. But don’t stop there, read the confirmation email as well, because that document will contain everything important about the moving price and services your professional movers are offering.

Worried couple examining expenses after moving into new house

What is included in the price?

There are some standard services that are included in the price with your furniture movers, but there are some services that are not included. That is why you want to confirm with your team what is a part of their standard offer. Are your professional movers going to disassemble your furniture? Will your items be protected? Learning this will help you prepare for the move properly.

Is the price guaranteed?

Once you book your professional movers, you want to know if the price is guaranteed. This means that your local movers can’t change the price in the middle of the moving process. Just imagine that, booking your local movers because their price is suitable for your moving budget, just so you learn after a few days that they have increased the price. No one would like this, so make sure to double-check with your local moving company if their price is guaranteed.

Questions related to the services

What services are a part of a standard offer?

Ask your local movers to explain in-depth the services that are included in their offer. Usually, professional movers bring all the tools to disassemble and reassemble back your furniture. Local movers should also wrap up and protect your furniture. Maybe they can bring wardrobe boxes for your hanging items too. No matter what is the case, you should ask them to explain their services to you. This is important so you can be well-prepared when your local movers arrive. Preparation is the key to a successful move. 

Can you help me with packing?

You’ve probably seen that we haven’t mentioned packing when we spoke about standard services local movers are offering. This is because packing is usually not included in the price with local movers, and you should request this service additionally. Most professional movers will be happy to help you with this task too. And it is always a good idea to hire local movers to help you with packing because that will save you a lot of time and a lot of nerves too. Just make sure to double-check if there will be additional charges for packing services. v

Is there anything local movers can’t move?

Whenever you have some specific items, such as a piano, or a pool table, or a huge safe – you might want to check with your local movers if they can move them. Professional movers have a weight limit for particular items, and that is usually between 350-450 lbs. It is important to check with your furniture movers before the move if all of your items can be safely move. If your furniture movers can’t move some of the items that you have, don’t worry, there are many specialized local movers who will help you with those pieces, but your chosen team will move the rest. This way, you can be sure that all of your belongings will be handled properly. You don’t want to have your local movers trying to move your piano and damage it. It’s just not worth it. 

Removal Company Workers Unloading Furniture And Boxes From Truck Into New Home On Moving Day Local Movers

What if I have some special requests?

Some special wishes and requests might or might not be fulfilled by your local movers. If you have some, you should check with your chosen team if they can do it or not. Local movers have their limits when it comes to special requests. 

Questions related to the license (and damages)

Are you licensed?

We can’t stress enough how important it is to find licensed local movers. You shouldn’t settle for less. You’ve probably heard those stories about shady local movers who held someone’s items hostage or that tried to overcharge their clients on a moving day. To avoid any situation like this, you should find licensed local movers. You can easily check their licenses by asking them for their PUC number. This way you will feel safe and you will know that no matter how complicated the issue happens, you will have lawful protection. 

What type of insurance is included in the price?

Another benefit of hiring licensed local movers is that they will have the insurance included in the price. Usually, that is basic coverage insurance, which is 60 cents per pound. However, some local movers might have some other offers when it comes to insurance. You should know that with licensed professional movers, you can purchase third-party insurance for particular items if you wish. We must say that licensed local movers, will always go above and beyond to find an even better solution than 60 cents per pound for your particular case. 

How long are you in the moving business?

Hiring experienced local movers should be your number one priority because you want to have someone who is reliable. That is why you should ask your professional movers how long they are in business. The longer they are in business – the better the service will be. Don’t hesitate to ask your local movers this question. 

Questions related to the professional movers

Do you do background checks of your local movers?

Hiring local movers is not simple, because you have to let a group of strangers in your home and let them handle your precious memories and items that have emotional value for you. That is why it is important that your local moving company is doing background checks of their local movers before hiring them. Not just that, but you should hire local movers who are trained as well. When hiring professional movers, you want to have the same level of quality as any other customer before or after you. Even though we are all looking for affordable movers, but having someone who is reliable is even more important. 

Male local movers carrying shelving unit into new house

Am I supposed to tip the furniture movers?

This is probably the most commonly asked question local movers get. You should know that with professional movers, you are not obligated to tip them because they have salaries with the company they are working with. If you decide to tip your professional movers, the amount should depend on you only. 

Deposit and similar questions

Do I need to lay down the deposit?

Local movers will need you to lay down the deposit so they can know that they are your chosen company. After all, they will keep the spot exclusively for you and they don’t want you to bail them at the last moment. However, this deposit will be applied towards the final bill, so you can consider it as a downpayment. When you think about it, you also want to have some guarantee that your local movers will arrive on a moving day that you have chosen. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Life can get hectic and unpredictable, so sometimes you might need to reschedule or cancel services that your local movers are offering. That is why, before laying down the deposit, you should learn more about their cancellation policy. It is understandable if your life gets too busy and if your plans change, but you should let your professional movers know in time. Most of the local moving companies are family-owned businesses and they have limited availability. If they are keeping a spot for you exclusively, and you let them know that you can’t move a day before the scheduled date, that will cause many expenses to them. Be fair, and let your local movers know about any changes in time. Also, you don’t want to lose any money on cancellation fees when you can inform them in time. 

After reading all of these questions, it’s time to find local movers who can answer them all for you. Del Mar Movers is the right choice if you are looking for the best professional movers in town. We are here to guide you through the whole process of booking and moving, and our goal is to make the whole process seamless and stress-free. Our customer support agents are here every day of the week and they are ready to answer all of your questions.

You can be sure that your belongings will be safe and sound because all of our local movers are trained and experienced professionals. Here, in Del Mar Movers, we are all dedicated to one goal – helping our clients have a smooth and the best moving experience that will show them that moving doesn’t have to be stressful. Reach out to us and get your free moving quote today! We are looking forward to chatting with you about your move. 

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