Labor only moving

Labor moves are often underestimated and considered to be something that is done easily and that is the main reason why it may end up as a disaster if you don’t have professional help by your side. No matter if you don’t need a moving truck for your upcoming move, our local furniture movers will make sure your move is performed safely and smoothly. 


Del Mar Movers have experience when it comes to local relocations of any sort, including different types of labor move. No matter if you need us to load or unload your moving truck, U-haul or pod or you are moving within the same building or building complex, our team can assist. If you have something more specific on your mind don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We helped many clients clear out the area for a party or an event, we can even move the items inside your home or stage your home for sale. Once you reach out to us, our team will ask you many questions in order to find out more about your moving needs and to offer unique moving solutions for you. Since we understand that every move is different, we offer plans accordingly. Our agents are highly skilled to recognize your moving needs, so even if you are not sure what is the best thing to do, we will offer a piece of advice. Booking process is also simple, you can be on our schedule within minutes. 


Team of professional movers that will help you out with your move is carefully selected and trained in order to keep your belongings safe throughout. We will make sure your possessions are safe and sound! Our movers are not coming empty handed, they will have all the tools needed to disassemble or reassemble your furniture, whatever that it is required. Everything will be wrapped up with plastic wrap and we are using moving dollies to make sure heavy items are safely transported from place A to place B. You are in the right hands! 


All of this comes with an affordable price with no hidden fees of any sort. Communication with our clients is very important and we don’t want you to stress out on your moving day because of something that can be easily prevented. Our agents will explain everything that is included in the price, so you can plan your budget accordingly. 


Contact us and get the right moving help for your upcoming labor job!