Apartment moving

Apartment relocation might seem as a simple task, but think twice, there is even more to overcome than when it comes to home moving. Usually both, but at least some of the buildings will have some special requirements when it comes to moving in or out of an apartment building, there might be some stairs to handle on the way so you will worry about the safety of your furniture and much more. That is why having experienced and professional movers is necessary when it comes to your apartment moving. Del Mar Movers is just the company you have been looking for! We can make sure you are moved from your apartment in a blink of an eye! 


Once you reach out to us, our team will ask you many questions regarding your upcoming moving project in order to get the better idea what is the best service for you. Our worry is not only safety of your belongings, but time efficiency as well. That is why we need all the information you can give to us, to advise you on the number of movers. Getting a quote from us is free and we guarantee experience of our team when it comes to any apartment moving request. They definitely know to offer a good solution. As every apartment is different, so is every move. That is why we will make sure to come up with a unique moving plan for you. 


Safety, efficiency, amazing customer support and on top of that Del Mar Movers are offering a budget-friendly price. With us, you won’t get surprised by any hidden or additional charges of any sort. We don’t charge anything for stairs, long carry or heavy items. No fuel fee or a california double drive time fee charges will be applied either. 


Team members that are working with Del Mar Movers are all trained and experienced professionals with skills to take care of your belongings safely. Our movers with a truck will bring all necessary moving equipment, and you should just provide us with a parking spot. Your furniture will be disassembled and later on reassembled back. All of your belongings will be wrapped up with moving blankets and plastic wrap. You can also use our wardrobe boxes for your hanging clothes. All of this is free of charge. 


If you have any special request such as a Certificate of insurance or protection of your building property, please let us know and we will make sure it happens (free of charge).