Living in Del Mar CA

Living in Del Mar CA

San Diego is a perfect town for anyone who likes to have peace, but at the same time to easily find fun. It is a city for everyone, families, young professionals, students etc. Once you move to San Diego, you will probably stay there forever. Nice weather, beaches and parks. There’s nothing better. Finding a perfect neighborhood in San Diego is not that hard. We would like to present to you Del Mar! And if you are in need to find Del Mar CA movers, we can help you out with that as well. 

Del Mar is a small seaside village with beautiful beaches and vistas. It has around 4,500 people living here, so if you are looking for a cozy and quiet place to live in, Del Mar is perfect for you. This little village dates back to the late 1800s. Back then Colonel Jacob Taylor bought land from Enoch Talbert and he wanted to build a resort for the rich and famous. Today, it is still a small place with a two-mile coastal area. If you are tired of driving, great! Del Mar is pedestrian friendly and it is the best perused on foot. While walking around check one of over 60 specialty shops. Del Mar can offer you over 25 world-class restaurants with amazing food. Not just that, but restaurants have the best views of the Pacific Ocean as well. If you always wanted to live near the beach, this is just a perfect place for you! It is a popular tourist destination as well, so if you are worried that it is too small for you, don’t be. Even many celebrities, such as Pat O’Brien, Lucy and Desi Arnaz, Angie Dickenson, and celebrity physician Marcus Rabwin decided to make Del Mar their home.

The reason why Del Mar was rated as one of the best suburbs to raise your family in San Diego is a fact that they have amazing schools and overall it is a very safe neighborhood. It is also quiet and clean. If you are moving here with kids, you will love Del Mar because fast enough you will meet pretty much all of your neighbors and you can feel safe to let them go out by themselves. When it comes to schools, they are highly rated and parents appreciate the rich traditions steeped into the school culture. Many say that the public schools have a private school feel with the benefits of a highly dedicated teaching and administrative staff.

Now, let’s mention what makes Del Mar so attractive to many! That is definitely nature. First is the beach! Del Mar has one of the most beautiful and enjoyable beaches in San Diego. Over two miles of sandy beach with areas to relax, walk or even run. Just above the 15th Street surf break there are two coastal parks, Powerhouse and Seagrove with lots of great spots to picnic with family and friends. The Powerhouse Park is great for families with kids and pets, because there are many playgrounds for them. North Beach is commonly known as Dog Beach because it is a pet friendly place where you can enjoy with your furry best friend. North County is a place for those who are looking for a place for running, paddling, fishing and diving. Coastal area of North Park is just perfect if you love your morning run. Not just that, but there is a unique vantage point to enjoy wildlife and natural surroundings. If you are more of an adrenalin person, you can always go surfing or paddle boarding. Close to Del Mar, there are Scripps Bluff Preserve and San Dieguito River Lagoon that was recently restored. Both spots can offer extraordinary views of the San Diego coastline, native plants, shorebirds and other wildlife. San Diego is known for its amazing beaches and Del Mar is proud to have the one that is among the best. 

If you are wondering what to do and what there is to see in Del Mar, we have you covered. Since 1936 there has been an annual San Diego County Fair here. Del Mar became the permanent location for the fair. The most famous part about it is Del Mar Turf Club which is a mile-long racetrack. This track was opened in 1937 and a year after Bing Crosby, an American singer and actor, was one of the leaders of this project. He recorded a song that has been associated with the race track even since. Name of the song is “Where the Turf Meets the Surf”, so make sure to learn it, because it is a part of this event. Racing is the reason why huge crowds are coming to Del Mar every season. 

Last, but not least, what you need  to know before moving to Del Mar is how expensive it is. We are not going to lie to you, but if you decide to live in Del Mar, you will have to spend a certain amount of money. It is listed as the 41st most expensive zip code in the States. Median sales price of homes is around $1,640,000. But living on the beach has its advantages. One of them is definitely lack of stress, because you will have laid back life once you move to Del Mar. 

If you need some help with moving here and you want to find the best local movers to help you out, you are in the right place. Del Mar Movers is the best moving help Del Mar CA area can offer. You won’t regret it! We can take you to your new home safely and smoothly.

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